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Mr. Darryl Bryant » Video Production 1 - ROP/LAUSD - Mr. Bryant

Video Production 1 - ROP/LAUSD - Mr. Bryant


Darryl Bryant


Darryl Bryant is a photographer and reprographic technician, coach, teacher, motivational speaker, sound and stage lighting specialist, mobile disc jockey, private party and event planner, producer and director, filmmaker and video editor for the last 37 years. He has worked as a studio transportation coordinator for television and motion pictures with companies; ABC the American Broadcasting Company, NBC the National Broadcasting Company, Disney Studios, Universal Studios, before starting his own production company in 1990.


He is currently CEO of It’s Picture Perfect Productions formally known as Totally Entertainment Production, a highly sought after professional private party and special event planning company. (It’s Picture Perfect Production- is a event planning company that creates social media sites, graphic art, photography and videographer for small business and major companies.  Darryl and his production team specialize in custom PowerPoint presentations, commercials, infomercials, screen flows projects, projector and projection screen rentals.


Darryl Bryant is one of the world’s leading authority on using video and photography to increase your company brand and visibility in your business sector. Combining a mix of professional leadership development, sales, marketing and business strategy, to improve your business bottom line.


Darryl Bryant is a motivational speaker, toastmaster international member, toastmaster area governor, toastmaster advance communicator bronze, toastmaster advance leader bronze, culver city toastmaster club vice president of public relations. His speech topics spans from business ideals, branding and marketing solutions to motivating entrepreneurs and our young people to be mighty an powerful people in their families,on their jobs and in their communities.


Darryl Bryant is currently a high school teacher and certified CIF golf instructor for ROP -Regional Occupational Program / LAUSD- Los Angeles Unified School District at John C. Fremont High School in Los Angeles CA. Darryl works with inner city young adults to own their choices, take ownership of their life’s, and own their future.








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