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Drifting on a Memory

Sender Lisa Gonzalez
Posted On 2013-09-29
Year 1998
Memoir Hello My Bad ass Class of "98" !!! :) I miss being t Fremont. So many memories & those were the 4 yrs of my life i really enjoyed ! I enjoyed also sharing some of my teen yrs with my brothers. I met my 2 loves there. Saw so many fights, broke so many rules, had a record for # 1 ditcher & best of all I still graduated with my class. Mr. Banks, Mr. Navarro & Mr. Lopez were my favorite teachers.I was almost going to joing the swim team but chickened out. I regret it. My good friends: Luis Zavala, Lorena Franco, Sandra Ascencio, Sniper, Estevan Castillo, I cant remember more. Miss everyone & miss the chili cheese fried across street on San Pedo ! Class of 98 whereever u are at take care & always remember the food times at Fremont. Love & cherish your families & friends as its the one thing that would carry us thru our bad times just like Fremont did !

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