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Posted On 2013-09-24
Year 2005
Memoir I have so many memories from John C. Fremont High School, I went there for 3 years and graduated there last year 2005. Well one thing I want to share with everybody is that enjoy every single minute that you are in high school, I wish I could go back and be in high school again. I think of all my memories and it makes me want to cry because of so many things that i shared at Fremont High School. It’s sad because once you graduate from high school, things change so dramatically, life changes after high school. Things are not easy in life, you have to work for every little thing in life, nothing comes for free, so one thing I want tp tell all students at Fremont High School is to always do your best, and enjoy high school while you can, because after high school things will not be the same..... Jr class of 2005, shadowz to my teachers, Mrs. Garza, Mr. Frank Lopez , Ms. Honneycut, Ms. Theabult, Mr. Aquino my drama teacher, appreciate everything you guys taught me. Thank you!!! Class of 2005 ....class of 2005....

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