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Principal's Message

Dear John C. Fremont High School Parents, Guardians, and Friends:


It is my pleasure to welcome you to Fremont High School, an expanding comprehensive high school which serves a student population of approximately 2000 'Best and Brightest' students that reside within the Fremont Corridor in south Los Angeles. We are very proud of not just our school, but more importantly, our students. Boasting our rare and historic water fountain, spacious courtyards, athletic and acoustic facilities, our state of the art Library and meeting center have only added to classic beauty of our campus. 

Fremont is the heart and soul of the South Los Angeles community and we are here to hold the space for excellence despite life’s challenges. What we are doing is laying a pathway for our students to succeed no matter where they land in life. We are a recognized Linked Learning partnership school which means Fremont HS provides four distinguished college/career pathways our scholars travel as they gain knowledge for future endeavors. Our community deserves equitable opportunities for success and dedicated professionals that are here to ensure this happens.  This dedication to the spirit of community is why so many of our teachers and staff members, who are alumni, choose to return to Fremont High School and participate in various governance groups that make important decisions that affect all areas of school life. It is the dedication of these persons, as well as countless others, who have led to the success of this comprehension high school. 

Our website is built for you to peruse and familiarize yourself with our school that is steeped in tradition and history, cultural diversity, cultural responsiveness to school climate and culture, as well as ready to ensure all students have access to experiences that develop student leadership abilities for our next generation of leaders. 

We are your school family that clears the pathway for student achievement, excellence and progress. We are ONE Fremont 2021. I welcome you home.

Thank you for all your dedication to our joint success.

Principal Esquivel