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GRADING SCALE for Spring 2021:
  • CW/HW (25%) - Classwork and Homework will be given daily online through Ed Puzzle or Near Pods math interactive videos via Schoology. It is due every day according to the period that you are in at 2:15 PM. If students didn't finish by 2:15, they can still turn in by midnight on that same day without penalty.
  • QUIZ (10%) - Quizzes are short (15-20) minutes and covers selected sections of the math concepts. It will given according the school virtual calendar for Spring 2021
  • TEST (45%): Tests are (25-45) minutes and covers all topics of the math concepts.
  • Notebook Check (5%) - Ms. Nguyen will call students randomly on her roster if the class is too large, and ask students to show her the notes that they took in today lesson, then the student will get automatically 5 points for notebook check in participation. This is one way to check for student's accountability.
  • Final Exam ( 15%) - Final exam will be given during the last week of the semester and it will cover all of the topics that students have studied.
  • This grading scale below is for Geometry, Algebra 2 students only:
  • 86% - 100% ---- A                                           
  • 76% - 85% ---- B
  • 56 - 75% ---- C
  • 40% - 55% ---- D
  • Below 40% FAIL
This grading scale below is for Precalculus students only:
  • 90%-100% ~~~~~~~~~ A
  • 80%-89% ~~~~~~~~~~ B
  • 60%-79% ~~~~~~~~~~C
  • 40%-59% ~~~~~~~~~~D
  • Below 40% FAIL
Standard Based Lesson Quizzes Scale
3 Points ------ Meets Expectations for Learning Target
2 Points ------ Partial Mastery of Target. Demonstrates Partial Understanding
1 Point ------ Little or No Mastery. Cannot demonstrate mastery
Students Responsibilities for Meeting Online Virtually
  • Attend Class virtually online on a regular basis by following the school virtual calendar.
  • Making Up Work, Quizzes, and Final: Students are responsible to make up any missing work, tests, quizzes, and finals on the day that they come back from an absence. They are given only 1 week to make up after the day they come back. Beyond that, Ms. Nguyen will count as missing on her grade book. No Exception!!
  • Complete all Assigned Work by Ms. Nguyen
  • Be Professional
  • Always follow LAUSD meeting online virtually protocals
Parents Responsibilities
  1. It is the parents responsibilities to check their sons or daughters grade on LAUSD Schoology every two weeks.
  2. It is the parents responsibilities to check with Ms. Nguyen by writing email and or attend parents outreach hours via LAUSD ZOOM from 12:45 - 1:15 pm on Monday every week about their child grades for each progress reports if the child is not meeting promotional standards, especially the midterm grades.
In order to be Ms. Nguyen's Cool Kids in Math, students must follow this equation :
  • Nguyen's Office Hours: Thursday-Friday: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm every week via LAUSD Zoom in Schoology.
  • Nguyen's Parent Outreach: Occur Every Monday from 12:45 - 1:15 pm.
Contact Ms. Nguyen:
  1. Email:
  2. Phone: (323) 565-1313
Pilot uses math on a daily basis.  A thorough understanding of math such as: Geometry and Trigonometry enables the pilot to do their job well and safely.
Important Reminder:
for Ms. Nguyen's Office Hours, students MUST NOTIFY their parents that they are attend tutoring with Ms. Nguyen via LAUSD Zoom.