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HOME of Ms. Nguyen Cool Kids in Math

GRADING SCALE FALL 2021 from August 16 - December 16, 2021:
  • CLASSWORK(25%): Classwork will be assign daily in class everyday. It is always consists of 4 problems for each learning target. Mostly we will do two learning targets of study per day. Late assignment will not be accepted. 
  • TEST(45%) - Tests will be given on a biweekly basis in class. The content of the test is directly related to your classwork assignments, lectures, homework (study guide). Students may use notes on tests. There are a total of 5 tests for this for course. If a student is absence on the the of the test, he or she will have 1 week to make up for this test. After 1 week, it is considered a MISSING TEST on the instructor's grade book.
  • FINAL EXAM (15%): Final exam will be given according to schedule. Exam will be given by instructor Ms. Phuong Nguyen through the student learning outcomes final.
  • Math Reading Assignment (10%) - Students are expected to read and write mathematics in an online LAUSD Schoology Forum Discussion. No late discussion will be accepted. It is due in class during the class period that he or she attends the class with Ms. Nguyen.
  • HOMEWORK (STUDY GUIDE) ( 5%) - Homework (Study Guide) will be given biweekly to students to study prior to the test. Ms. Nguyen will collect the study guide prior to the test and late work will not be accepted.
  • GRADING SCALE for FALL 2021:
  • 90% - 100% ---- A                                           
  • 80% - 80% ---- B
  • 65 - 79% ---- C
  • 55% - 64% ---- D
  • Below 55% FAIL
Students Responsibilities in the CLASSROOM in Room 407:
  • Attend Class on a regular basis by following the school 4x4 schedule calendar.
  • Making Up Work, Quizzes, and Final: Students are responsible to make up any missing work, tests, quizzes, and finals on the day that they come back from an absence. They are given only 1 week to make up after the day they come back. Beyond that, Ms. Nguyen will count as missing on her grade book. No Exception!!
  • Complete all Assigned Work by Ms. Nguyen
  • Participate in classroom activities
Parents Responsibilities
  1. It is the parents responsibilities to check their sons or daughters grade on LAUSD Schoology every two weeks.
  2. It is the parents responsibilities to check with Ms. Nguyen by writing email and or calling the school to set up appointment with Ms. Phuong Nguyen about their child grades for each progress reports if the child is not meeting promotional standards, especially the midterm grades.
In order to be Ms. Nguyen's Cool Kids in Math, students must follow this equation :
  • Nguyen's Office Hours: Monday - Friday ---- Lunch Time only
Contact Ms. Nguyen:
  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone: (323) 565-1313
Pilot uses math on a daily basis.  A thorough understanding of math such as: Geometry and Trigonometry enables the pilot to do their job well and safely.