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Students who qualify for special education supports and services under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA) are provided an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designed to meet their unique needs.

Fremont High’s comprehensive Special Education Department provides services and supports for students with mild to severe disabilities. Pali has the following programs on site:

  • Resource Specialist Program (RSP) designed to support students enrolled primarily in the general education setting.
  • Special Day Program (SPD - SLD) provides core content instruction by credentialed special education teachers within a small class setting.
  • Intellectually Disabled Program (SDP - MD) serves students with disabilities and provides instruction using an alternate curriculum focused on functional academic development and independent living skills.
  • Autistic Program (AUT) serves students with disabilities and provides instruction using a curriculum focused on increasing academic and social development at success as well as increase growth in self=regulation, communication, adaptive skills and functioning all within a small class setting.

Related services in the areas of speech and language; occupational therapy; physical therapy; itinerant teachers for hearing and/or vision impairments; counseling; and LRE counseling are provided as indicated on a student’s Individualized Education Plan. Pali contracts with a transition teacher to support post school success for special education students.

Fremont employs a full time school psychologist who provides assessment and support for our student population.

All special education students are assigned a case carrier, a credentialed special education teacher, who monitors and assists each student's progress toward attainment of IEP goals through completion of their educational program at Pali.

Our general and special education teachers work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students and ensure their Individualized Education Plan is implemented.

John C. Fremont High School welcomes parents and they may participate in district wide parent committees and training opportunities. Visit the following link to find important LAUSD announcements and upcoming events: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/643 

If your child is experiencing difficulties, please contact his/her counselor to explore school wide support.


Below you will find booklets and brochures about Special Education and the IEP process.


If you'd like more information you can attend one of the parent trainings run by the LAUSD Division of Special Education Parent Information Office. 






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