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Facilties Usage Rental

Host your sporting event/team/club, film shoot, language class, community meeting or special event at one of our facilities! We offer location shooting, overflow parking, and much more!

John C. Fremont High School (JCFHS) facilities are available for rent year round, depending upon availability with use by JCFHS school functions and programs given priority.

Facilities may be available for public on school days, and on weekends or non-school days throughout the year. Summer rentals are also available. Hourly fees or longer-term agreements can be arranged for using LAUSD Facilities.

Reservation fees vary per event, user group, time frame and impact on school activities. Fees for facility rentals are generally due to LAUSD prior to the event. All refundable deposits are due to LAUSD with a pre-scripted  time frame as well. Some events may require insurance in conformance with City of Los Angeles requirements. The presence of licensed or sworn officers may also be deemed necessary.

For more information, please contact the Permits Dept. at lausd.net or Assistant Principal Mr. Casanas at [email protected] or lausd facilities and use the document listed to the right as your guide.

Gym Complex:

           Large Gym:

Small Gym: 

Weight Room:

Fitness Center:

Boys Locker Room:

Girls Locker Room:

Wrestling Room:

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Our Gym Complex includes two Gymnasiums (Large & Small), Weight Room, Fitness Center, Boys & Girls Locker Rooms, Wrestling Room, and Male & Female Bathrooms. The Large Gym boasts a capacity of 1,400 with retractable bleachers on Home & Away Sides. Bleachers seat a maximum of 500 people on each side (1000 total), and 400 chairs can fit on the floor of the gym. The Large Gym has two Basketball Backboards/Rims with capability of two full length courts or one full length court (middle of gym). The Small Gym boasts a capacity of four Basketball Backboards/Rims. The Small Gym Basketball court is slightly smaller than a full length court. Central A/C is available. There are male and female bathroom facilities with multi-stalls. Also available is a small kitchenette available.

Ricky Bell Stadium - Football, Soccer, Track, etc.: 

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The Ricky Bell Stadium is used for a variety of sports, games, school-wide pep rallies and Graduations. It boasts a seating capacity of 2,400 with full track and field lighting for night events, and a new high school competition 400 meter track with blue surface surrounds a new Astroturf turf field and new Brock Shock padding. 

*Additional facilities include on-field multi-use locker room, multi-use office, visitor bathrooms, home bathrooms, jump pits, shot put rink, and batting cage. Available AV equipment includes the press box and scoreboard (football, lacrosse, and soccer), stadium-wide PA system, and on-field PA and power plug-ins. In addition there are six competition soccer goals and six competition lacrosse goals on site.


LA County Aquatic Center: - No longer under LAUSD  - Closed at this time

Baseball Field:

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Our Baseball Field is a standard high school competition field with full dugouts, a dirt and grass Infield, a grass outfield, lights for night games, and an electronic scoreboard. Both Home & Visitor stands each have individual stadium style seats for 30 people, and are complimented by an announcer/scorer’s booth. A Full service snack stand is not available.

Multipurpose Room/ Hall:

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The large Multipurpose Room that seats 150 people. It is used for theater productions, guest speakers/lecturers, school assemblies, faculty meetings, and more. Available AV Equipment includes hand-powered retractable screen (external projector required. Facilities include  male & female bathrooms.

Kenneth Hahn Auditorium :

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Kenneth Hall Auditorium is a theater facility that seats 1000+ people. It is used for theater productions, guest speakers/lecturers, Board/Faculty meetings, small school assemblies and Drama/Theater class. Available AV equipment includes electronically powered retractable screen with projector, , PA system, multi-adaptor computer plug in, and adjustable stage lighting w/ lighting board (minimal). Male & Female Bathrooms are available as well as Centralized A/C & Heat.


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There are 101 classrooms designed for a multitude of subjects that are taught here, they range from Foreign Language to English Language Arts, we have a classroom for every niche.  Each classroom also varies in capacity from 15 to 45 seating on the JCFHS campus. Available AV/Teaching Equipment includes projectors, screen & computer input, Smart Board, , whiteboards, and blackboards.



Covered Eating Area (OLD) & (NEW):


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The “Quad” is a courtyard and outdoor stage area located in the center of campus. It is used for picnics, recreational play, outdoor concerts, receptions, carnivals and more. 

The Covered Eating Area is used for student meals, catering, and as an outdoor classroom, and has immovable tables (bolted in ground) under roof protecting from weather. The breezeway entrance-way to the main quad can also be included for rental.

Tennis Courts

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Our recently resurfaced professional grade Tennis Courts are competition ready with a complete hitting wall on our Court that’s perfect for practicing serves or volleys.

Blacktop Basketball Court(s):


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Our Blacktop Basketball Courts are outside situated between our Gym Complex and the Football Field, they offer seven Basketball Backboards/Rims slightly smaller than a full length court. Our Blacktop also has the option of turning into four individual volleyball courts with standard size nets.


Parent  Center:

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The Parent Center is categorized as a large classroom that seats 40 people.  It’s used for tutoring, independent studying, student meetings, club sport meetings, and SAT/ACT prep. Available AV/Teaching Equipment includes projectors, screen & computer input, Mac computers, Smart Board, and whiteboards.



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The Garden is categorized as a large outside are that seats that can hold at least 150 people across is space. Also part of the garden is the solarium which can host classrooms that seat at least 60 people.  It’s used for the garden CTE class, independent studying, student meetings, and club meetings.