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John C. Fremont High School

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Mission, Vision & Goals

John C. Fremont High School is a safe, clean and orderly place that nurtures learning and has a culture that is characterized by trust, professionalism, high expectations for all students, and a focus on continuous school improvement.

All members of John C. Fremont High School will collaborate to prepare learners to be productive, ethical individuals empowered by a quality standards-based education in order to contribute to local and global communities.

Learning Goals
Fremont Pathfinders are Critical Thinkers, Effective Communicators, Collaborative Workers, Responsible Citizens and Self-Directed Learners.
Expected School wide Learning Goals
Our students will be:

1. Critical Thinkers who: apply complex problem solving techniques to academic and personal problems; analyze and evaluate data, and apply the conclusions to real-life situations; demonstrate proficiency in mathematical computations and applications.

2.  Effective Communicators who: Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills; interpret and express ideas through the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA); utilize technology as an academic resource.
3. Collaborative Workers who: demonstrate appropriate interpersonal and social skills; work cooperatively with others toward a common goal; accept leadership roles in various group settings.
4. Responsible Citizens who: respect cultural differences, beliefs, and  diverse points of view; resolve conflicts through stages of mediation;  participate actively in the community.
5. Self-Directed Learners who: set and accomplish academic and personal goals; maintain a four-year academic plan for the completion of high school; prepare for the transition from high school to higher education or the work force.