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Graduation Requirements



grad reqs



To earn a diploma from John C. Fremont STEAM Magnet, students must satisfactorily complete the required course of study, earn at least 210 credits and meet ALL of the graduation requirements prior to the date of graduation in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.



In order to move from one grade level to the next, students are expected to earn the minimum number of credits.

10th grade - 50 credits

11th grade - 105 credits

12th grade - 160 credits



College (A-G Requirements):

A college degree is still considered the best investment to make for your career and personal growth.  It is important to know that while LAUSD considers a D to be a passing grade for graduation, UC's and CSU's don't!  A-G courses must be passed with a C or better for a UC or CSU to count it.