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Service Learning

Service Learning
Beginning with the Class of 2007, service learning was included as a graduation requirement.
Service learning:
  • Is integrated into the curriculum of a specific course subject (science,history,art,etc.)
  • Meets the needs of the community
  • Is aligned with state standards
  • Fosters civic responsibility
  • Is not measured in a number of hours
  • Allows students to work with the community to identify a need, develop an action plan, and reflected on the plan's implementation.
How Do I Complete My Service Learning?
  • Each SLC has develope a plan for service learning. Most SLC's are having their students complete service learning in US History classes but it does not have to be done in this class.
  • Obtain a "Certificate of Achievement" for your completion of the service learning project.You can get this form the teacher you did your service learning with or from Mr.Labat in the Title 1 Office (Room 107)
  • Give a copy of your certificate to your counselor.
  • Make sure that Service Learning appears on your transcript (you are not given credits of a grade for this; it is pass, fail or incomplete only).
Examples of Service Learning Projects
  • While studying the immigrant experience in the United States, history students develope a project identifying community resources for immigrants in their community, creating information brochures for the public.
  • A Spanish class translate brouches and fliers distributed by local social groups, making valuable information more assessable to local immigrant population.
  • AP Environmental Science students research recycling at their school. They compare the costs of recycling bins and pick-up versus the income generated at a recycling center.They also examine the cost of not recycling and the impact it has an the local community.