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Receiving D's

Fremont STEAM Magnet: Receiving a D is Like a Fail

Colleges and universities won't accept D grades in any A-G required class. Even though you receive 5 credits for this class and technically you "pass" according to LA Unified standards, the Cal State, UC's, and most other universities treat D's like Fails. So, if you get a D in, for example, World History, we recommend that you retake the class to get a C or better.

But keep in mind that when you do retake it you will only be retaking it for the better grade, not the credits, because you can only get credits for the same class once, and you received the 5 credits the first time you took the class and got the D. 


If I fail some classes, how can I make up my credits?

  • You can take two summer school classes and makeup 10 credits.
  • Saturday school is available to make up 1 class
  • Edgenuity during the school day
  • Reach out to Ms. Ochoa to create a plan!