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Community Service

Community Service Project
The purpose of the Community ServiceProject is to actively participate in an area of your community that needs your help. In completing this project you will learn new skills, gain educational an work experience, share your knowledge with others, and make a difference in your community. You are not limited to volunteering at least 20 hours per school year. 
In addition to benefiting your community, the Community Service Project is a valuable resource to include on college applications. It is considered an extra-curricular activity and the letters of recommendation you collect can greatly enhance college and scholarship applications. 
  • Students are required to complete 20 hours of Community Service each school year:
                            Freshman year                 20 Hours
                            Sophomore year               20 Hours
                            Junior Year                       20 Hours
                            Senior year                      20 Hours
  • All work must be volunteer (not paid) unless you are an official intern.
  • You may wait to complete all community service off-track or you work after school and on the weekends.
  • You must keep a service log (provided) of your volunteer dates, hours and work done and have it signed by the volunteer supervisor.
  • You must complete one reflection about your entire community service experience. The one-two page reflection should answer the following questions:
              • What did you do?
              • How did your work serve your community? 
              • How did completing this community service make you feel?
              • How has this experience changed you?
              • Would you recommend this to other teens? Why or why not?
  • You must request a letter of recommendation from your supervisor for each 40 hours you complete.
  • A copy of this service log, reflection and letter of recommendation must be turned into your counselor upon completion. You should have 40 hours completed by the end of June each school year. Please pick up a log at the Magnet office.
The Community Service Project is a Magnet Academy Graduation Requirement in addition to LAUSD Service Learning requirement. Community Service and Service Learning are not the same thing. You must complete both to graduate from Magnet Academy.